Is america really free

Prices and costs are way too high and so is inflation. The risks involved with making it on your own, such as a lack of medical coverage, limit the number of people who will give it a go. Speaking of which… 9. This would also explain the deliberate dumbing down of America in the public education system, which insider whistleblowers such as Charlotte Iserbyt have revealed.

The thing is, humans are not meant to be solitary creatures.

Is America really free?

Many researchers debated on the supposed differences in immigrants and whether that posed a threat to the US society and culture. The most common description given for the United States involves some form of the ideas of liberty and justice for all men.

Privacy and anonymity are only useful for people who are trying to avoid the law. Slavery was practiced all over in America. Yet Americans are brainwashed to believe that they live in "the land of the free" without reason or basis. It has been proven, that his dream is not loved by many natives, especially after knowing the results of the recent elections and who the nation picked.

The only smiles you get are from customer service people, who fake their plastic smiles to you as part of their job.

And is she free to give one to a friend who has some pain. The simplest definition of freedom is: After all, every male is now considered a sexual deviant, and women are closing in. Yet violent offenses by youth fell by more than half over the past two decades, while video game sales doubled.

On the other side the American communities are much divided. Is it the Independence Day for only white Americans. AP People say America is a free country. Perhaps that film was a foreshadowing, either deliberately or as a message from higher forces above.

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Instead, they tend to prefer Europe, where the cultures are more conducive to being intellectual, philosophical and genuine, and the people tend to be more down-to-earth and authentic. The size of the US government has increased in size by 20 times since the dawn of the 20th Century.

Japan spends much more on violent video games than the U.

Freedom in America: Real or Not?

But does that mean America was freed?. Whites are free. Everyone else is freeish, just like it was when this country was founded. The only thing to really celebrate is how far we’ve closed the. While the history of American culture has always been known for its freedom of speech and religion and the Hollywood cinema has always portrayed us all as a fantasised.

Jun 26,  · People say America is a free country. But what if you want to drink, have a cigarette or make a bet? Government often says “no” to protect us from ourselves.

It’s as if the government is. Yes, America is really free. Yes, I believe that America is really free. Many people like to criticize the United States because of the fact that we claim to have the most lenient, and free rights and liberties of any nation in the world.

Oct 14,  · What is America? What does it stand for? The most common description given for the United States involves some form of the ideas of liberty and justice for all men. America -- the land of the free, the home of the brave. Many come to America with high expectations of freedom and adventures.

Yes, there is plenty of adventure in America, but is there really freedom?

Is america really free
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Freedom in America: Real or Not? Is the US really a free country?